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My name is Denise and I’m the Mother of Jamie, who is 35 years old and has Down syndrome.   Jamie has been working at Lafayette Industries for 11 years.

I’m happy knowing that Jamie has a nurturing work environment to go to each day with people who care about her and are qualified and well trained. Lafayette is a clean, safe and positive work environment with staff that really cares. When I pick Jamie up at work, no matter who walks by, the staff always shouts out a greeting – using their name – or gives a high five to them.   There are over 250 employees working here, and I’m always amazed that everyone is called by their name and greeted so warmly.

Jamie has limited communications skills, along with some emotional and behavioral issues, and she would not be able to work in the community in a competitive setting, or in a less structured environment.   At Lafayette she is able to interact with friends and staff every day. So many individuals need and benefit from working at Lafayette.   Jamie would be at home every day – alone – watching TV day in and day out, if it were not for Lafayette.

In addition to providing a work environment for Jamie, Lafayette also provides activities after hours for their employees and relatives.   It’s a great way to socialize with other parents, and have another support system.   Lafayette also provides programs just for the employees. Jamie takes part in art and music classes at various times after work.

Jamie is proud to have a job and a paycheck, and she enjoys going to work each day.   I’m happy and relieved to know that she is in a safe setting with people who are watching out for her and helping her to be all that she can be. Lafayette is just exactly what she needs!

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