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May 10, 1986, remains one of the happiest days of our lives. Our son Timmy came into this world at 12:13 p.m. But our tears of joy quickly became tears of fear. Our son had oxygen deprivation and faced some challenges.

Fortunately, he survived and thrived but our biggest fear became what would he do in his adult years? How could he achieve satisfaction and maintain his social network? We only wanted him to live up to his potential, to be happy, healthy and productive.

After graduating from high school, we explored the possibilities. Timmy went through the evaluation for competitive employment. He was deemed ready and capable for such an opportunity. But there was no opportunity available. Too often, such jobs go to people who are higher functioning. Even then, many of these individuals work part time and often find themselves without a job when a manager changes or a problem occurs.

Thankfully, we had a choice. The answers to our prayers came from Lafayette Industries back in July 2008. That’s when he started work at this place that has become his home away from home.

It was the right choice for Timmy for so many reasons. First, he loves the place and enjoys the variety of responsibilities. Secondly, he works everyday so it fits his needs for a schedule. Thirdly, he has made so many friends at Lafayette. Fourthly, it provides him with a sense of purpose and bolsters his confidence. Simply put, Timmy pursues a life enriched by his days at Lafayette.

We live in a world too focused on how much you get paid for the work you do. In Timmy’s case, we can say that it’s not what he gets paid but how it makes him feel. And this young man feels good about his work. Heck, the toughest days now are when he’s sick. He doesn’t want to stay home since Lafayette needs him, he protests.

We believe Lafayette does more than create opportunities. It builds dreams not just for its workers but also for the families of those workers. Thanks to Lafayette for making Timmy’s – and our – dreams come true.

Tim and Debbie S.

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