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About Our Cause

We empower people with disabilities and their families to defend and protect the right to choose sheltered employment as a valuable work choice.

Myths vs Reality

For years, activists, legislators, government agencies, and other organizations have been telling one side of the sheltered workshop story. Learn the truth.

Our Stories

Hear from the people whose lives are positively impacted by our cause on a daily basis: Employees and parents.

Keep Up With Us

Ready to learn even more about the Dignity Has A Voice movement? As we grow our cause, we invite you to follow our story on social media.


It’s about dignity, purpose and value for those who have not been heard. Until now.




A Team Missouri was formed with one mission: to give voice to those not being heard. A Team Missouri provides a platform to unite adults with disabilities and their family members so they can be proactive in challenging opinions, misconceptions and legislation that impacts their lives, or threatens their rights.

We firmly believe that no one has the right to tell another person what is best for them. Nor do they have the right to tell a parent, who has spent a lifetime caring for and supporting their son or daughter, what is best for their child. Law-makers, along with disability rights groups, increasingly make these decisions without talking to the people who will be directly impacted. A Team Missouri will empower its members to become self-advocates and provide them with opportunities to engage with legislators, participate in awareness campaigns, and gain a seat at the table with other groups.

"It's my job. It's my choice."

From Employees & Families


May 10, 1986, remains one of the happiest days of our lives. Our son Timmy came into this world at 12:13 p.m. But our tears of joy quickly became tears of fear. Our son had oxygen deprivation and faced some challenges. Fortunately, he survived and thrived but our biggest fear became what would he do in his adult years? How could he achieve satisfaction and maintain his social network? We only wanted him to live up to his potential, to be happy, healthy and productive. After graduating from high school, we explored the possibilities.
Missouri sheltered workshops provide many things above and beyond meaningful employment. They also offer structure and a daily routine that employees and families can rely on, a safe and welcoming work environment and socialization with peers. Sheltered Workshops enable individuals to be successful in employment through supports and also acts as a bridge to other employment choices. Parents of employees have strong feelings about the importance and relevance of Sheltered Workshops. Please take a moment to listen to what THEY have to say.
John Paul